I love games.  And I mean all types:  PC games, board games, dice games, card games — anything that takes a little thought and strategy, I’ll play. I have tons of games.  Way too many to actually play or complete.  This drives me crazy.  I want to know the mechanics.  I want to know the end game.  But I play a game for a short time and then move on to the next, usually because of limited time or loss of interest.  But I always come back and try again — usually from the beginning.  I had this thought — maybe if I chronicle the games I play, I’ll be able to come back, remember, and start from where I ended the play through last time.  That way I can still play a variety of games, share those experiences with others, and ultimately complete a series some day.  Beorn’s Path, a Lord of the Rings Living Card Game play through, has provided a lot of the inspiration (http://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/beorns-path/), as has the video series Watch it Played (https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchItPlayed).  Gear up with me as we adventure through Descent 2.0!