Dave, here.

We’re gonna take a relatively quick look at some of the Kickstarter projects we’re enthusiastic for this week. I’ve broken the games down by category if you want to skip ahead to what interests you.

My motivation for this post is that usually we make videos of games we’ve backed and you all have to track them down on the BGG market or through the game publisher’s website if interested, usually minus the extra content that makes the game that much better.

But what if you could get in on the ground floor with something big? *Flashes salesperson smile*

Seriously, though, no money from these designers or their affiliates has come to us; we just think these are some of the noteworthy games for this week:

Dice Games

Both games of this category are a bit of a nostalgia trip, for different reasons.

Bottom of the 9th

Bottom of the 9th seeks to replicate the feel of baseball, complete with a collector-card feel to the characters. I didn’t really follow baseball, but I did collect the cards. The game even comes with a “‘stick of gum’ batter ball and strike count tracker.”

Talk about nostalgia.

Anyway, Bottom of the 9th is a dice rolling game with special character abilities to try to mitigate the luck of the dice–either at bat or pitching. There are balls, strikes, and the like. There are special pitches–like a knuckle ball–that lend to the game’s theme.

For more concrete info you can watch an extended play through/review on the Kickstarter page and decide if you want to “play ball.”


2-6 players

20 minutes

Next up is Trainmaker.

My dad used to take me on train rides and to see vintage trains at museums. So, this game’s theme is a trip down memory lane.

In this game, players roll dice to make trains with engines and cabooses. There are cars that deliver different types of goods represented on the dice. Station cards demand certain goods. If your train can deliver, then you have happy customers.

Win by completing a secret objective or by “collecting one of each station type” by delivering goods.

Strategy Games

From lighter to heavier, you are making decisions to influence the ultimate outcome of you or your team in these games.

Tesla vs. Edison

2-5 Players

20 minutes/player

A game where you are an inventor whose company is vying for the future of electricity. There is stock in your company, recruiting people to your company to boost your strengths in various categories (finance, propaganda, manufacturing, engineering), and apparently tech trees to research in: AC, DC, and Bulbs.

If you want a deeper look at the game and its mechanisms, Rahdo is a good person to turn to.

Between Two Cities

1-7 Players

20-25 Minutes

Simultaneous play choices; building a city with the player on either side of you in a semi-cooperative venture to build the most valuable city.

In a nutshell, this is a tile-drafting game, so far as I can tell.

Buildings earn points in different ways, such as having one of each type of the same building, or placing them next to certain other buildings for bonuses, or having a variety of buildings, etc.

The twist is that there is a semi-cooperative element. Color us intrigued.

Draco Magi (Deep Sea, Blood, Ice Dragon Expansion)

2 players

30 minutes

Basically, Draco Magi is an area control game where you are summoning dragons to fight for you over territories. This Kickstarter allows you to buy the previous expansions and the original game if you haven’t done so. It’s a reasonable price.

Check out our video here.

Co-op Game


1-4 players

30 minutes/player

Mistfall appears to combine elements of some of our favorite games: LoTR LCG, Sentinels of the Multiverse, The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Note that I haven’t played this game, but these are play elements that I’ve enjoyed in other games that seem to be present here. I could be wrong though.


1. You have threat on your characters ala LoTR, LCG that draws monsters to fight you under certain circumstances.

2. There are also locations to scout ala LoTR and Pathfinder

3. There is a boss to defeat with heroes who use a fixed character deck ala Sentinels.

4. There is also a timer that you have to defeat ala Pathfinder.


1. The travel is actually represented by tiles, which seems really cool.

2. The combat system of the game seems unique to this game. Also a plus.

3. The theme presents a new fantasy world with its own mysteries, which is a welcome change, in a way.

4. The heroes and their abilities provide slight twists on familiar archetypes and formulas

Anyway, that’s our round-up. If you think we’ve missed something major on KS, please add a comment. Also, consider backing some of these games. Hopefully, you’ve seen something fun in our list.