The Black Flag

Seltyiel and Alahazra take on the pirates whose word is law (if there is such a thing as “law” in the Shackles).

I explain the locations’ special rules and take viewers through encounters with enemy ship henchmen in a swashbuckling scenario that sets us up for the numbered adventure decks.

Thanks for watching.

— Dave
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In th City: Origins

Hi everyone,

I’ve put together a playthrough of a game that I demoed at Mace Con in Charlotte, NC called In the City: Origins. It reminds me a little of dominion, but without all the deck building shenanigans. Also, cards that you use during play are worth actual victory points. I’ve enjoyed this quite a bit, and hope you like the playthrough. Here’s a link:


One Shot: Draco Magi Competitive Card Game

Hello everyone,

I had the opportunity to meet Robert Burke, the developer of the successfully funded kickstarter Draco Magi, at a recent gaming convention in Charlotte (Mace Con).  I won a copy of his game in a silent auction, and then learned to play the game with his team.  It’s quite fun and I wanted to share a playthrough video so you can decide for yourself if this is something you’d like to add to your gaming table.


Descent Journeys in the Dark, The Overlord Revealed Playthrough

Hello all,

I’ve posted a 3 part video playthrough of one of the Shadow Rune interlude campaigns, The Overlord Revealed, to youtube.  Note that the finale includes a summary (last 15 minutes or so) and asks for your help in restructuring the heroes’ party so that they can finally have a chance against the Overlord.  Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Skull and Shackles: Island Hopping Part 1


Dave, here.

I’ve uploaded a playthrough of about 2/3 of the first Skull and Shackles Adventure. I’m using two different characters than Joseph, so we’ll have a slightly different take on adventuring.

Joseph and I will be alternating recording scenarios so Joseph can focus on his Descent 2.0 Playthrough videos as well (one should be coming out soon). We’ll play through all of the scenarios of the adventure path with our characters, as per the rules, but we will only record every other playthrough.

Here’s my video: